C.C. Skinner

Claude Columbus Skinner was born in Clarkesville, Tennessee. In his early teens, he began his commitment to religious music. By 1920 he had become the musical minister for Paradise Baptist Church of Tulsa, a position which he held for the next thirty years. He taught piano and other cheap replica cartier watches music lessons in his home, instructing and inspiring dozens of musicians in the Tulsa area.

Known affectionately as “Uncle C.C.” by his students, he founded the North Tulsa Singing Convention in 1975 and served as its president for ten years. C. C. traveled across the United States, teaching choirs in every part of the country. He was a prolific songwriter, composing such songs as “Back to the Dust,” “Jesus in My Heart,” and “Working for the Lord.”  He died in Tulsa on September 22, 1989.