Dorothy Ellis



Dorothy “Miss Blues” Ellis was not only musically accomplished, but academically — having earned a Master’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Central Oklahoma — but it was her passion for singing the blues that we celebrate her for. Whether you knew her from her many blues festivals or her induction into the Oklahoma Blues Hall of Fame, Miss Blues’ signature song style is easily recognized by her fans as the “Texas Shout”.

For Dorothy Choncie Ellis, the road from Direct, Texas was a long glorious trip. Orphaned at an early age, self determination and love for life and people led her into many adventures of living. Think for a minute about the young girl from Direct, whose Mama carry instilled in her a love and respect for books and learning. From the cotton fields to servant quarters, Dorothy pursued education, earning a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Central Oklahoma. Her journey  brought her close to a Doctorate, but she had other passions as well. All along the way, Dorothy belted out Big-Time Blues, and self-published "For Blacks Only" a collection of memories in 1979.  She has performed with top world wide replica watches uk Richard "Groove" Holmes, Little Joe Blue, Drink Small and others; she opened for Bo Diddley, has appeared at many blues festivals including Arcadia Blues Festival, Pinedale Blues Festival, Southwest Blues Heritage Fest, Dusk til Dawn Blues Festival and more. Miss Blues, Dorothy Ellis, has the soul of the blues inside her. Miss Blues and her blues band played festivals all over the United States and the world! She was inducted into the Oklahoma Blues Hall of Fame in 2004! In 2007, Miss Blues was voted the Best Blues Band in Oklahoma and received a "Woody" award from the Oklahoma Gazette which called her "the state's first lady of the blues - all soul and she lets you know it! Belting out songs in a signature way that her many admirers have come to call the Texas Shout!"

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