Robbie Mack McLerran


Oklahoma bluesman, bassist, vocalist and songwriter Robbie Mack McLerran is keeping the Blues alive, inducted into the Blues category of the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame in 2014. In 2012, McLerran was inducted into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame, alongside his fellow former band members. McLerran’s former surf band—The Astronauts—rose to popularity in the sixties, releasing a number of albums on the RCA label, and later Capitol Records under the new name Hardwater. In 1970, Robbie teamed up with Oklahoma native John Herron and formed a songwriting partnership and the country-rock band Boondoggle & Balderdash, releasing two LP records for the MCA record group. The father of fellow Blues star Little Joe McLerran, Robbie Mack McLerran continues to influence both the national and local Blues scene.