Spirit of Community Excellence Award

Spirit of Community Excellence Award honors individuals who have made significant contributions in the community toward supporting and promoting music and education.


Name     Year Inducted
Horner Maxine Cissel 2000
Price Betty   2001
Gaines Cassandra   2002
Skeeter Carmelita   2003
Polin Bonnie S.   2004
Levit Kenneth J. 2004
Heritage Theresa   2005
Van Trease Dean P.   2005
Rice Mable   2006
Millichap Paulette   2006
Goodwin James O.   2007
Johnson Michael P. 2007
Love Glenda   2008
Wooley John   2009
Adelson Stephen and Ellen 2010
Tate Suzanne 2011
Brown Deborah 2012
Henderson Councilor Jack 2012
Arnold Anita 2013
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