Tommy Crook – Career, Biography & Records

An Oklahoma native, Tommy Crook began his musical career at the age of four, when his father Buck gave him his first guitar and taught him to play rhythm and lead. By age 11, Crook became a featured solo act on Porter Wagoner’s touring show, and was soon a regular on Hank Thompson’s live TV show from Oklahoma City and Leon McAuliffe’s TV show in Tulsa.

Tommy Crook

He also played in bands with David Gates, Jimmy Karstein, Carl Radle, Leon Russel, J. J. Cale, Gene Cross and Jimmy Markham.

Crook plays using a unique style of fingerpicking and places his bass strings on the bottom two positions on his guitar.  He released a self-titled album in 1989, produced and recorded by Grammy award-winning drummer David Teegarden.


  • Mr. Guitar and Mr. Drums, 1968.
  • Tommy Crook, 1989.
  • World of Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar, 2003.
  • 110° In The Shade—Guitar Duets with Anthony Weller, 2002.

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